Assessing the available RAM installed on the system

RAM or random access memory is a physical location that is used to cache the processes. The RAM is a phenomenon which makes the system working fast. Irrespective of the data location onto the drive the user is able to access it with the same speed. As compared to other forms of memory this one has the same effectiveness throughout. The user can get the data packets with the same speed as compared to optical disks and other forms of storage. Users often ponder that how much ram do I have and this question is very important to answer. The tech savvy users need the RAM memory for the developmental purposes. It is therefore advised to read this tutorial thoroughly to get an insight to the topic. It will also let the user know about the overall effectiveness of the memory in great manner.

Part 1 Advantages of RAM

Some of the advantages that are associated with the RAM are as follows:

  1. The user can read and write the data on the desired location almost in the same amount of time. The RAM therefore increases the effectiveness of the idea in a great manner.
  2. In other forms of the disks the user needs to wait till the data is accessed from the location. In presence of RAM it is possible to reduce the reading time significantly.
  3. The RAM now comes in form of integrated circuit. It allows reading of the data far much significantly as compared to other forms of the devices.
  4. The RAM memory almost remains free. It is due to the fact that the power loss allows the RAM to lose the data completely.
  5. The non volatile RAMS such as ROM and NOR flash has taken the idea a step ahead. It means that the user can read and write the data every if the power is lost.
  6. The idea of shadow RAM is something which is definitely awesome. Shadow RAM means that the system copies the data of relatively slow RAMS to it. It therefore allows greater access and fast processing speeds.
  7. There is a new phenomenon of paging file as well. It means that the user can get a physical location assigned for the RAM. On the other hand it is an idea which increases the RAM memory on the system.

Part 2 Future developments of the idea

The type of non volatile RAMs that can store the data after the power is shut down are under development. It is also one of the ideas that would allow the users to overcome the RAM shortage and the slower systems. The idea id eco RAM is also under development. It is a type of RAM which consumes the power at a significantly lower rate. These are designed for server farms where the low power consumption is always given importance. The overall idea of the RAM is growing at a rapid speed. The memory latency is being covered at a fast pace. It is all due to the fact that from 1986 to 2010 the development rate in processing speed is 55% where as in terms of memory it is only 10%.

Part 3 Memory Hierarchy

A user can read and write data on the RAM. It is one of the ideas that allows the users t overcome the memory issues and data access with faster developments. RAM can be used to read and overwrite the data within it. The memory consists of processor registers, on-die SRAM cache, external cache and DRAM paging systems. This whole system is referred to as RAM by the developers and there are also other subsystems that have other access times. The higher possible access performance is the main idea that is behind the RAM. The changing needs and demands of the users are the ones that are also changing the size of the RAM. Now they come in the size of chewing gum and can be replaced easily if damaged. The smaller amounts of the RAM are something that would ensure that the maximum effectiveness is obtained in the best manner. The RAM is an idea that is not limited now. It can be integrated within the other parts of the system as well to increase the performance and reduction in access time.

Part 4 How to check the installed RAM onto the system

The idea that is associated with the subjected statement is very important. It allows a user to not only check the RAM but to also ensure that the changes are done if required. On the other hand it is a thing which also allows the users to thoroughly check the system performance. The process that is to be followed in this regard is simple. The steps that are to be followed are explained as under:

1.On the start menu the user needs to right click the My computer icon to start the process:

Advantages of RAM

2.The properties are then to be selected to proceed with the process:

check the installed RAM onto the system

3.On the very next page the user can see the installed RAM memory. This also competes the process on full:

see the installed RAM memory

Part 5 How to check the available RAM on the system

The process as well as the steps that are included within it are explained as under. The overall process is too easy to follow:

1.The user needs to press the combination of CTRL+ALT+DEL so that the following screen appears:

check the available RAM

2.The task manager is then to be selected to proceed further:

How to check the available RAM

3.Under the performance tab the user can see the available RAM against the memory option. This completes the process in full:

tips to to check the available ram

RAM is an important part of the system. The user should always look for the memory that is in use. It will not only help to get the work done but the user can also improve the system speeds. The overall usage of the memory is though automatic but there is a great impact on the overall performance. The online tutorials should be accessed so that the RAM efficiency could be increased as per tips mentioned there.

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