ASUS Data Recovery: How to Recover Data from ASUS Laptop

1. Need Help to Recover Data from ASUS Laptop

Yester my little kids removed some folders from my ASUS notebook. Unfortunately I had some business office documents, pictures of my journey to London and some other files in these folders. Now I need to find a way to get them back. Can anyone help me to recover the lost data from my ASUS laptop please?

If you are fortunate enough, you can retrieve them from the Recycle bin on your ASUS laptop. Otherwise you’ll need an ASUS data recovery program to help you.

Here I would like to recommend Wondershare Data Recovery, or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac for you. The Windows version of Wondershare Data Recovery is capable of recovering files like photos, videos, document files, emails, audio files and more from ASUS laptop, no matter files on your ASUS notebook were lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, system error or even crash. It is now fully compatible with ASUS laptop that runs Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

You can download a trial version to start ASUS laptop data recovery in a few simple and safe steps. This trial version is able to scan your ASUS notebook hard drive or partition before purchasing the full version, so that you can make sure whether the tool is really useful or not.

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2. Perform ASUS laptop data recovery in 3 Steps

Step 1. Select the file type to start

Launch Wondershare Data Recovery on your ASUS laptop, select the specific file type you want to recover. Click "Next" to start Lost File Recovery.

Note: Please do not install the tool on ASUS hard drive that your files were lost from.

Recover data from ASUS laptop-step 1

Step 2. Scan ASUS notebook hard drive or partition

In this step, partitions on your ASUS laptop will be automatically deleted and displayed by the program. You can choose the partition that your files were lost from and hit on “Start” button to begin scanning for lost files.

Note: For the scanning of files that were formatted, go to "Deep Scan" after the quick scan completed.

Recover data from ASUS laptop-step 2

Step 3. Recover data from ASUS laptop

When the scan is over, the found contents on your ASUS notebook hard drive will be displayed in “File Type” or “Path” in the window.

You just need to select files you are going to retrieve and click “Recover” to select a folder on your ASUS laptop to keep them.

Note: Please do not save the recovered data to its original partition on your ASUS notebook.

Recover data from ASUS laptop-step 3

3. Use a Data Recovery Service to Recover Data from ASUS Laptop

To sum this up, if the techniques do not work or you were unable to follow the steps, you can send the drive off to data recovery service companies. These companies are typically high-tech, and they will have a price tag on their services. They are usually real professional offering professional data recovery. They are Certified Secure Data Recover lab besides offering several benefits such as immediate online prices estimates, no upfront payments and also allows the clients to view their list recovered files. This will allow them to make payment only when the files required have been recovered.

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