How to Backup Computer to External Hard Drive

When you have stored your data on a computer, it is vulnerable to a number of risks and jeopardies that might take it away from you within no time. Your computer might come across some sort of physical damage due to a fall, power surge or some other issue. There might be a cyber attack, a natural disaster, theft of physical devices or any other incident that might free you of all your important data. Therefore, the best way to ensure the possession of everything you have been rooting for, it is highly recommended to backup your computer. There are numerous means to take a backup of your computer files. Some of them are discussed below.

Part 1: On Windows: Backup Windows computer to External Hard Drive

  1. The first step when you are looking to backup computer to external hard drive is to get a drive for backup. You may get a USB device or some external hard drive for that purpose. It is recommended to get one that is almost doubles the size of your original hard drive so that you might be able to get multiple backups easily.
  2. After you plug in the external hard drive, Windows would generate a prompt menu asking you if you are willing to use this device as a backup device or not. You can say yes or you can close the prompt and go to Start menu and look for ‘backup and restore’.
  3. backup windows computer to external hard drive

  4. When you have opened up the backup and restore menu, you need to hit the ‘Setup backup’ button in order to initiate the process of backup computer. Select the external drive you want to backup on and keep on pressing ‘Next’.
  5. backup windows computer

  6. When you come across the final screen, select ‘Save settings and run backup’ option and windows will start taking all the required backups of your computer. Do not turn off the computer in the middle of this process so that it might be completed properly.
  7. backup computer

Part 2: On Mac: How to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive

  1. The first step required in the process of backing up your mac device requires you to buy a new drive for backing up purposes. You may get yourself a USB device or an external drive in this regard. Care to buy a drive with enough room to store more than one backups at the same time.
  2. Upon plugging in your device, you would be prompted by mac saying if you want this drive to serve as a backup disk. You can say yes or you may do it manually by going to System Preferences > Time Machine.
  3. backup mac to external hard drive

  4. After opening the Time Machine app, you need to hit the ‘Select backup disk’ option in order to select the external hard drive you want to take your backup on.
  5. backup mac

  6. When you have selected the backup disk, the mac OS would start performing the backup operations. It is important to keep the computer on during this process. Otherwise, the backup might be interrupted and stay incomplete.

After the process is done, you can turn off the computer as per your requirement. When there is a need to restore the data, you can open up the Time Machine app and carry out a system restore by selecting the backup device.

Part 3: Some important tips regarding backup of important data

When you are looking to backup computer, a few tips that might come in very handy are listed below for your convenience and understanding.

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