How to Recover Photos from Nikon Camera

recover photos from Nikon cameras

Nikon cameras have been popular for many years. The exquisite craft, high quality, and structural disabilities attract a large number of people. Look at the now Nikon D90, users are fascinated with its extraordinary image effects. But still we may meet image loss for the following reasons: accidentally deleting, formatting, virus attack, unexpected power off, and other reasons like the incompatibility of the card. Is there any way to recover photos from Nikon camera?

Actually there are many different ways to recover photos from Nikon Camera. For example, asking help from the friends around, but they may neglect some details; going to photo recovery specialist or agencies, but that would be a little cost. Here one professional and reliable way is Nikon photo recovery software. After the photos were lost, the data itself isn't deleted; just the area where the lost photos were stored is now marked as free space for other new files to be written. Photo recovery software can scan these areas and recover the lost photos. Here are 3 important tips needed to pay attention before performing the Nikon photo recovery.

1. How to recover lost photos from Nikon cameras

Get a professional Nikon photo recovery first: Wondershare Data Recovery (compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP) or Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac.

Download the free trial version below to have a try now. Do choose the right version for your computer system.

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Wondershare Data Recovery is reliable photo recovery software which can easily recover photos from any camera with nice quality. No any recovery skills needed. Powerful recovery ability helps you recover lost images from overall image loss situations. Connect the camera or the memory card to your computer, with Wondershare Photo Recover to start perfor, deleted photos recovery.

Only 3 simple steps to perform the photo recovery

Step 1. Select the file type. To recover deleted or lost photos from Nikon camera, you can select the option "Photo" to start.

Nikon camera photo recovery-step 1

Step 2. Select the location to scanning lost photos. You can select your Nikon camera memory card to start scanning.

recover photos from nikon camera-step 2.1

A quick scan will start to scanning Nikon camera memory card, if it can't find your lost photos you can go to deep scan which will start deeply scan.

deep scan nikon camera-step 2.2

Step 3. Preview recoverable photos and recover them.

Nikon photo recovery-step 3

Use a Data Recovery Service to recover photos from Nikon Camera

Eventually, if neither of methods work or you didn't manage to follow the steps, then you can send the drive off to a data recovery service. Warning, these companies are typically high-tech, and thus they have a price on the service. The companies offer real professional Data Recovery services to recover your photos from Nikon Camera. Data recovery service offers some amazing benefits like immediate online prices estimates, and there are no upfront payments. It also offers the ability to see a list of all the recovered files through their websites. This is to ensure that the files that you need are listed before any payments can be made.

3. 3 important tips should be kept in mind before performing the photo recovery

1. Avoid data overwriting: Do not put more images or other data in the same place where the lost images were stored, otherwise the previous free space will be overwritten by others, which makes Nikon photo recovery difficult even with professional recovery software.

Once you find your photos could be recovered, do not save them in the same place where the lost images were stored. For example, if you want to recover photos from partition H:, you should specify a folder to save the photos in partition E: or other partition, not partition H:.

2. Keep the storage device well: Keep well your camera or the card. Generally when the storage device meets logical damage like reformatting or unintentional deletion, the lost data is recoverable. But when it meets physical damage such as exposure to high temperature, dropping, cracking, or water damage, the data will be very much likely unrecoverable.

3. Choose the appropriate Nikon photo recovery software: As for me, appropriate software should have these features: professional and powerful recovery function, be safe and reliable, high compatibility and competitive price.

3981454 people have downloaded it
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