How to Solve the Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

Blue Screen Error

Imagine working on an important presentation for your meeting tomorrow and having your laptop or PC Crashed while running Windows 10. How often have you been in the middle of your favorite game when almost unexpectedly, out of nowhere, did your PC turn off and failed to restart. Well, most of us, sometime or the other has experienced this issue and it has left us frustrated. For the ones who look for a solution to this problem, it's necessary to identify the problem first, which is that of the infamous Blue Screen Error.

So, what exactly is this much talked about blue screen error? To begin with, the blue screen error, also known as the "˜stop error' causes one's PC to stop abruptly or shut down without any chance to save the important work. Even after turning on your PC, you wouldn't be able to see the conventional options like the Taskbar on your screen or even the Start Menu. Instead, there would be a message on the blue screen which would read that the PC ran into a problem and is required to be re-started. In this article we will teach you how to fix blue screen of death.

Fixing the Blue Screen Error

Part 1: How to Fix the Blue Screen Error

The steps involved in solving the blue screen error depend upon the instance during which it is incurred. Here, we take up the various instances when the blue screen error can occur, and explain the solution in their respective headings.

1. Blue Screen Error during upgrade to Windows 10:

For the ones who experience a blue screen error during their upgrade to Windows 10, the setup would go back to the previous version of Windows installed. It is important to note that there is nothing to be alarmed if you see a blue screen error as the upgrade can be initiated again. However, if there is a repeated blue screen error during the upgrade, you should seek the help of professional.

Fixing the Blue Screen Error 01

2. Blue Screen Error after an Update is installed:

There are certain blue screen errors that do not allow you to get to the desktop and there are some that do, and therefore, in this column, we are going to look at them differently. It is a plausible for a blue screen error to occur after an update has been installed or a new driver has been loaded into the PC. This can be tackled in the following manner, depending upon the instance.

Blue Screen Error That Allows the User to Access the Desktop

If you are still able to access the desktop, you must make sure to uninstall the update that is causing the error in the first place. In case you are unsure of any specific update, you are required to uninstall a set of updates. This can be done in the following manner:

If uninstalling the update fixes the blue screen error, you must ensure that you temporarily block the update from automatically installing again.

Blue Screen Error That Doesn't Give Access to the Desktop

So, what do you in case of a blue screen error that doesn't give you the access to your own desktop? Here, we list out the steps.

  1. The PC, after failing to restart, would enter the automatic repair mode.
  2. After Automatic Repair, you would see the "˜Choose an Option' screen where you are required to select "˜Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>System Restore. This allows your system to be taken back at a certain point in time. Users can also create a restore point manually. Make sure that you choose the restoring point before the error occurred.
  3. Once your PC is restored to an earlier time, it will remove all the updates and drivers after that point without having any affect on your personal updates.

If restoring the system fixes the blue screen error, you must ensure that you temporarily block the updates from automatically installing again.

Fixing the Blue Screen Error 03

3. Blue Screen Error While Using your PC:

Let us now discuss the solution to the most frustrating part of a blue screen error, which is the one which occurs while we are using the system. This can result in loss of important work and cause hindrance to other important operations. Therefore, it is important to have the solution handy to such a problem. Let us discuss the solutions step by step.

Blue Screen Error can be due to Hardware malfunction. If that is the case, here is what you can do.

Check for Updates

Often, the blue screen error occurs because the Windows have not been updated for a while. One can go to the search box on the taskbar, look up for Windows update, and select the same option. On the page of Windows Update, you can check for updates, and thus, install the necessary updates

Hardware Elimination

In rare occurrences, introduction of hardware to your system can cause a blue screen error. For the ones who are experiencing such an issue, it is advisable to remove the USB Drive or any other hardware device that has been installed, shut down the PC. You can then turn on the PC.

The above listed steps should solve the problem of a blue screen error. If not, you should run an anti-virus program to ensure that your system is not infected with any virus. There are also instances when a blue screen error occurs due to a very heavy file being run on the system, especially media files or games. The laptop should also be given enough room for ventilation as excessive heating is another common cause of the blue screen error in numerous laptops. While working with Windows 10, if one has a stable configuration, blue screen error would be a rare occurrence, and if it does, you have the steps to guide you through.

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