How to Update Your Mac to Mac OS X 10.13

Mac OS X 10.13, which is commonly known as "High Sierra" is the latest release of the macOS. The fourteenth major installation of the OS, it was announced on June 5, 2017, during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Though, Apple has recently released the beta version of High Sierra with its commercial availability to be expected later this year. If you can’t wait for the commercial release of High Sierra and would like to give its beta release a try, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will teach you how to update your Mac to Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra in a stepwise manner.

Part 1: Is my Mac compatible with High Sierra?

Before we proceed and learn how to update your Mac to High Sierra, it is important to know whether your system would be compatible with it or not. To start with, check this complete list of devices that are compatible with Mac OS X 10.13.

To check your Mac configuration, you can click on the Apple logo on your screen and visit the "About this Mac" section. This will provide the manufacturing period of your device.

updata macos sierra

Part 2: Should I upgrade Mac to Mac OS X 10.13?

MacOS High Sierra comes with tons of high-end features, which makes it one of the most advanced operating systems of the present time. Though, updating to Beta version has a few pitfalls, you would also be able to enjoy the following benefits related to High Sierra.

These are only a handful of new features of Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra. If you wish to access them, then you need to upgrade your device. We have provided an easy way to do it in the next section.

Part 3: How to upgrade your Mac to High Sierra?

Even though Mac OS X 10.13 isn’t released for public yet, its beta version has been provided by Apple for developers. This is to help developers sync their apps before the public release and test the OS functionality at the same time.

Back up your Mac

Since you would be updating your Mac to the beta version of High Sierra, it is recommended to take its backup beforehand. If you face any setback or would like to downgrade your system, then you would need a backup of your device. To do this, go to the System Preferences of your Mac and launch Time Machine. From here, you need to turn on its slider and select the disk to backup.

backup your mac

Steps to Upgrade Your Mac to the macOS 10.13

After meeting all the prerequisites, you would be able to upgrade your Mac to High Sierra. All you need to do is follow these easy instructions:

Step 1. Go to Apple’s developer website right here and sign-in using your credentials.

Step 2. It will launch the developer portal of Apple, which is associated with Mac and iOS devices. Under the Developer > Downloads section, you would be able to see the new downloads available.

Step 3. Click on the macOS High Sierra Developer Beta Access Utility file option and download it on your Mac. You can also view a dedicated page for High Sierra beta release on the developer website as well. Click on the "Download" button to get its beta version.

download macos high sierra

Step 4. Wait for a while as the beta version of Mac OS X 10.13 installer would be downloaded. Once it is completed, you can simply go to the Access Utility folder and launch the installation package.

install macos high sierra

Step 5. Simply click on the "Continue" button and agree to the terms and conditions in order to install the update.

install macos 10.13

Step 6. Additionally, you need to allow the APFS upgrade and provide your password to confirm your choice.

Step 7. By following simple on-screen instructions, you would be able to install the Mac OS X10.13 on your system.

Step 8. Once the installation is completed, your Mac would be restarted. You might have to wait for around 20-30 minutes as your system would be reinitialized.

Step 9. An apple logo will appear on the screen and show the progress regarding the upgrading process.

Step 10. Afterward, your Mac would be restarted with the beta version of Mac High Sierra.

You would be asked to enter the password of your Mac again to access it. In the end, you would be able to access all the new feature of Mac High Sierra. Though, if there is any issue with your Mac, then you can choose to downgrade your system as well.

If you are updating your MacBook, MacBook Air, or any other laptop, then you need to make sure that your device is fully charged. Furthermore, try not to overheat the device during the installation process. This will protect your device from an unforeseen damage.

Now when you know how to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.13, you can easily access all the amazing features of High Sierra. It is certainly an exceptional addition to the macOS line and will redefine your experience with Mac.

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