Samsung SD Card Recovery: 2 Ways to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card

Your SD card is a lifeline for your data storage needs. It allows you to extend your Samsung device’s storage capacity to allow you to have more data on your device. Sometimes though, you can easily lose data on your SD card through a number of ways chief among them being accidental deletion. You need a clear strategy if you are going to get your data back.

This article will address the issue head on. We have two proven and highly effective methods to recover data from your Samsung SD card. The first method allows you to directly scan your Samsung phone or tablet and the other allows you to recover data from the SD card by connecting it to your computer using a card reader.

Samsung SD card Recovery on your Samsung Phones/ Tablets

To effectively recover SD card data directly from your Samsung phone or Tablet you will need a tool that is specifically designed for the job. That tool is Wondershare Dr Fone for Android (Android data recovery software) . Some of the features that make Dr Fone the right tool for the job include;

  • It can be used to recover lost or deleted data including contacts, photos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, documents and even videos
  • It is very easy to use. Everything works in a simple 1-2-3 step process
  • The application supports all rooted Samsung devices regardless of the Android OS you are using
  • You can individually select the files you want to recover


Here’s how to use Wondershare Dr Fone for Android to recover data from SD card.

Step 1: Install and Run Wondershare Dr Fone on your computer and then connect your Samsung Device to your computer. You don’t need to take the SD card out of your device.

image 1

Step 2: once the device is connected you will need to debug your Samsung device. Follow the instructions on the screen to do so.

image 2

Step 3: Once the debugging is done, click on “Start” to allow Dr Fone to scan your device.

image 3

Step 4: your phone or tablet may ask you to confirm the action. Click “Allow” on the phone and then click on “Start” to continue with the scan.

image 4

Step 5: once the scan is complete, you will see all the data on your device listed in the next window. To choose data on your SD card just check the necessary box. Click on “Recover” to save the deleted data on your device or computer.

image 5


Samsung SD Recovery on your Computer

Alternatively, you can also recover lost data on your Samsung SD card by directly connecting the card to your computer using an SD card reader. To effectively recover data this way you will also need a special tool. Wondershare Photo Recovery is the right tool for the job for the following reasons;

  • It allows you to recover files in more than 550 formats
  • The entire process is easy, quick and 100% safe
  • It comes with a very simple to use interface
  • You can preview the files you want to recover ad selectively recover only the files you need’


Here’s how to use Wondershare Data Recovery to recover lost data on your Samsung SD card.

Step 1: launch Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer. Connect your SD card to your computer using SD card reader and then click on “Start” to begin.

image 6

Step 2:  the program will recognise your SD card and you should see it displayed in the list of devices. Choose the letter that represents your SD card and then click on “Scan” to allow the program to search the SD card.

image 7

Step 3: once the scan is complete, you will be able to preview the files found on the SD card. Select the files you would like to recover and then click on “Recover”

image 7


Corrupted Samsung SD card Data Recovery

There are certain symptoms that a corrupted SD card will exhibit. If you see one or more of the following, your SD card is corrupted;

  • You are unable to save or view any files on the SD card
  • When you try to read the Card on your device, you can only see the root directory of the SD card. All your sub folders cannot be opened.
  • You get error messages such as “memory card error” or “corrupt memory card” when you try to access files on the SD card
  • You get a prompt to reformat the SD card when you connect it your computer

Can you Recover data on a corrupted SD card?

The answer to this question is a cautious Yes. Data on a corrupted SD card can be recovered if the SD card is not physically damaged and can be recognised by the computer. As long as the data is not overwritten, you can easily use a 3rd party program such as Wondershare Data Recovery to get your files out of the corrupted SD card.